April 29, 1924

Cati searched on top of her vanity and then dug through her purse. She couldn't remember where she had put her favorite lipstick. She had been more distracted than usual in the last few days.

The night before, Cati had finally called Jacqueline Whitcombe. She gave Mags' sister her condolences, but apart from that, Cati hadn't known what else to say. Truth be told, Cati hadn't been very close to Mags, and she didn't much like Jacqueline either. She felt a certain amount of obligation to reach out to Mags' family, however, due to the fact that she'd somehow gotten involved in chasing after her companion and her killer.

She had also called, in part, to make herself feel better. It hadn't worked.

Cati finally found the little golden tube under a discarded pair of stockings on the corner of the vanity. She leaned over the vanity's surface to peer at herself in the mirror and smeared the color on her lips. Satisfied, she headed out to hail a cab to Henri's shop.

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da solomon said...

Jacquie blamed the swami first and Richard White second. From Jacqueline's point of view, Ramanuja had torn Mags from Richard -

"That Richard White, the financier with Bank of Prussia?" asked Cati.
"Yes," Jacquie bawled angrily, "who else am I talking about, but Magaret's ex-fiancee."

- and then Richard had failed in his responsibility to tear Margaret back from Ramanuja. "That dirty trickster, that cad, that lowlife from some filthy little country - she's dead because of him. And if Richard hadn't been so arrogant! So arrogant! He just couldn't wait two more days before he fired that detective. To Hell with him -"
"What detective, Jacquie dear?"
"What detective? Biff or Bear or . . . I don't know. He was Richard's man. To Hell with him! To Hell with all men from all countries, my sister is dead!"

No, it had not been an easy conversation to have with Jacquie, whom Cati didn't like very much at all.

(Action continues in April 29.)